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Our family includes 3 lovely dogs - 3 Samoyeds and 4 children - Josephine from 1996, Louis from 1994, Victor from 2002, Silke from 2010 and Jess & Jette Halskov.

We live in the countryside with lots of space around us .. in- and outside.

We use our dogs for racing, shows and as pets.

Jess is 8 x Danish Champion, Nordic Style, 1 x Danish Racing Champion in C2-class and has several placements as #3 and 2 at the Danish Racing Championship, also in C2-class.


We were married in 2008 and we had a wonderfull day

Louis, Josephine, Victor









We have had Samoyeds since 1990 and never regret that we chose this wonderful breed for members of our family.

We'll never forget the day we picked up our first Samoyed puppy - a female - "Soffi" - from White Joys Kennel, Karin & Palle in Fåborg. A little fluffy white puppy - a beautiful familydog.

Time has gone by and today we have 2 Samoyeds. We spend almost all our sparetime with our dogs. Jess is racing them and I go to as many shows as possible. It is funny and exciting, and we have met a lot of very nice people around. There is always time for a dog-chat.

For us as breeders it is very important that the Samoyed is as close to the standard as possible.
Our priority is that the dogs are thriving - are happy and healthy. When our dogs are thriving, we are thriving.

The dogs are in our hands every day, wich we believe is very important. They have their own 60 square meters big kennel where they sleep and stay when we are not at home.

Jess works at Per Aarsleff A/S as Supervisor. I'm a daycare mother and the dogs love that. They get breakfast at 6.40 am and after that they spend some time in the playground - an area on 800 squaremeters with a high fence around. At the playground they can excercise, play, have fun and dig a lot of holes, so we have something to do - filling them up again.

When my daycare children sleeps, I have a couple of hours to relax and I do that with my dogs. Sometimes I groom them, sometimes we does something else. There's always something to do with 2 dogs. It is very important for us that they have nice and clean areas - both in- and outside.


If you are interested in a visit, please contact us. We always have time for a talk, and we always have a cup of coffee.

We are looking forward to meet you.

Jess, Jette, Josephine, Louis, Victor, Silke and all our wonderful dogs.

Jette Halskov, November 2014

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