Let's play dirty !

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Petit - Gabi

Samson 8 weeks

Please turn off the heat ...
I'm wearing my wintercoat !

Balto and Fonky singing along .....

Chewing the table ??? Naaah !!! Why do you
think so ???

The girls has started their seasons, and Balto
doesn't understand why he can't play with them !

Big bones makes happy dogs -
and gives us a quiet moment, while they chew!

Littersisters at show in Herning 3. november 2001.
Phoebe and Lina

No doubts .... it is MY sofa !!!
Balto, 1 year old

Honestly .... who needs a dishwasher,
with dogs in the house???

White Canis Miss Cloe of Fanzy, 1½ year old,
1st prize and 3rd winner in Herning.
Owners Birte & Mogens Andersen, Skørping

White Canis Miss Cloe of Fanzy, owner
Birte Andersen, Skørping. 4 months old.
Rolex BOB Senior at Nordic Winner Show
Herning 2000
Jess with Rolex, Fanzy and Babett
8 times has Jess won the title
Danish Racing Champion, Nordic style
at the Danish Samoyed Clubs
Besides that he has won
the same title in 4-dogs
class once.